March 24, 2019 artists of the studio “Master of Dreams” took part in one of the best concert venues in Yekaterinburg. D.White, DIGITALΩ and Soulya ID presented a new concert program "Italo Disco New Generation Stars" on the stage of the "House of Press".

For five years, more than 60 songs for this project have been released at Max Vasilyev’s studio. The songs repeatedly led the Italian-Disco music charts on European radio stations. General views clips on YouTube passed in the mark of 100 million.
The songs are constantly being released in the CD compilations of the ZYX label (Germany).
In recent years, several solo CDs have been released, as well as vinyl records released in Germany, Italy, Poland, Greece and Russia, which are distributed worldwide.
In the fall of 2018, "Master of Dreams" released the first CD compilation "New Italo Disco from Russia", which included D.White, DIGITALΩ and Soulya ID.

It was the first big concert of our team in Yekaterinburg.

I would like to say a big thank you to all those who came to our concert that day - without you, without your support, there would not be the atmosphere that prevailed in the “House of Press”.