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  • Maxim Vasiliev

    Musician, arranger, composer, sound producer.

    Born in the North of Ural, in the town of Severouralsk, with 5 years playing piano, went to music school in the class of domra, but left her negociaci year, because I became interested in creating pop music to the local recreation center and it was interesting than to study in the school.

    After the army he worked as an auto-crane operator, earned a lot, but the desire to make music was forced to drop "two-business" and in 1996-m to year to go in Ekaterinburg, because in Severouralsk technically it was not possible to efficiently create music. At that time there was a group with a childhood friend Slava Zaitsev (now he sings chanson under the pseudonym Slava Iset Junior) called the Master of dreams.

    In Yekaterinburg, working at the Studio of NP (New Projects under the leadership of Victor Zaitsev) met Anna Sulitsyn, with whom we have been working together for 20 years.
    In 2013, I learned about ZYX from a friend-music lover, who said that now there is a project ZYX Italo Disco New Generation, and that they can send a demo, which was done. Thanks to Janusz Longdrink, the songs created by "Master of Dreams" have been published on ZYX for several years. 2017 - "Master of Dreams" available at the site Bangcamp.

  • Alexander Efimov

    Entertainer conversational genre.

    Since 1991, the author-writer, Director, host parties and presentations.

    Since 1997 - the organizer of private and corporate events.

    Since 2014 - producer, concert Director of the singer D. White.

    The Director of the clips D. White, as well as the actor took part in the filming of the clips:
    D.White: «In the sky» (2014 год)
    D.White: «Only you and me» (2015 год)
    D.White: «December» (2016 год) Leading concert programs D. White.

  • Anna Sulicina (Soulya ID)

    The author of many songs D. White, in most songs on backing vocals.

    Anna Sulicina - musician, composer, arranger, singer with a powerful voice, beautiful timbre, a teacher of vocals in the Yekaterinburg Theatre Institute, artistic Director of the creative Studio of EMERCOM of Russia, Ekaterinburg.

  • Dmitry Dovbysh (DimaD.)

    Professional musician, laureate of international vocal competitions.

    The winner of the 1st degree of the International competition "Golden Phoenix", St. Petersburg. 2008.

    3rd place XIV international competition "Hopes of Europe" Sochi 2011.

    2nd place of the International competition "Seven notes" Domodedovo 2012.

    Winner of the 1st degree VII MMFK "Stargate" Vladimir 2012.

    2001-2005 - Konstantinovskaya Children's music school. Accordion class.
    2005-2009 - Higher Moscow regional College of arts (MULUKI) majoring in "Academic vocal.
    2010-2015 - Russian state social University (RSSU), bachelor of arts education. Specialization "Musical art". Pop-jazz vocals.

  • Alexey Shchelochkov (art_drum)

    Professional musician.

    Winner of international competitions, resident of Moscow and Moscow region clubs, actor.

    On stage since 2003.

    As part of the national orchestra. Osipova gave about 20 concerts as part of his European tour.

    As part of the Moscow team ARTVITAE gave about 50 concerts in 15 cities of the Russian Federation.
    As part of the team ARTIST is a resident of Moscow and Russian clubs.
    2018 is the drummer and percussionist of the project D. White.